3 Rivers Community Foundation Opens Applications for Annual Grants

Each year, 3 Rivers Community Foundation’s philanthropic efforts culminate in an annual grant opportunity for area nonprofits. For 2022, the application is now available for 501c3 nonprofits serving Benton and Franklin counites and Burbank, WA. Applications will be accepted until September 16, 2022.

“3RCF’s Annual Grant Cycle is a reliable source of funding in our community,” says Abbey Cameron, CEO of 3RCF. “It creates opportunities for established nonprofits to grow or strengthen their programs or for newer organizations to stabilize and meet their missions. It is a critical part of our work.”

The funding for this grant program comes from a percentage of 3RCF’s $7M endowment in addition to direct donations. Donors who have set up funds as part of the endowment may direct their dollars to be unrestricted, which means they will go to the areas of greatest need or to specific causes they are passionate about, such as food scarcity or housing. The 3RCF board reviews, evaluates, and interviews applicants to makes sure dollars will be effectively used to support our community.

Donors who are looking to make a one-time gift are invited to donate to 3RCF’s “Grants for Good” Annual Grant Fund. Donors can be assured that their gift has the largest possible impact and goes to the areas of greatest current need in Tri-Cities. To donate to this fund, visit https://www.3rcf.org/grantsforgood/.

The Grant Application Portal, guidelines, and exclusions can be found at www.3rcf.org/annual-grant-cycle/

Source: https://www.tricityregionalchamber.com/member-news/3-rivers-community-foundation-opens-applications-for-annual-grants9678364