City of Kennewick: Notice of Annual Weed Control and Herbicide Application

herbicide application photo

​Annual city-wide herbicide application for noxious weed control is slated to start on or around April, 18, weather dependent. Application vehicles will be operating between midnight and 6 am, Monday through Friday. The primary focus will be to control weeds in the curb/gutter line and gravel shoulders on all of the City’s main roadways. Project is anticipated to be completed in early May.
A yellow dye is mixed with the herbicide to assist with the application. The yellow dye will fade in three to four weeks and application areas are safe for people and pets to enter once the application is dry. If there is inadvertent contact with wet herbicide, it is recommended to remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes.
A map of the specific application areas are attached or can be viewed on our City website at:
Please call the City of Kennewick Public Works Department at (509) 585-4419 with any questions.