Drop-in Play Returns to the Numerica Pavilion

Drop-in play returns at the Numerica Pavilion starting Monday, September 20!  Normal operating hours resume Monday – Saturday.  

Drop-in play will look a little different as we have created a Recreation I.D. card which eliminates the need to sign the paper waiver when using the courts and will speed up the entry process after the initial visit.  Facility users can reload as much money onto the card as they choose.  Price remains $2 per visit.  Drop-in players will need to create a recreation account and sign up for a membership before playing.   The membership is completely free but does require waiver signatures.  

When you arrive for your first visit, your photo will be taken and you will be given a Recreation I.D. card you can use for all future visits at the Numerica Pavilion.   

Account holders must be least 18 years old, but parents have the option of allowing their 14-17 year old to play without their supervision by permitting them to have a membership.   Ages 13 and under still require an adult to be present at all times and I.D. is not required for ages 13 and under.   

Updated Building Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9a – 9p

Friday – Saturday: 9a -5p

*drop-in play ends 15 minutes before the building closes

Please call 585-4595 for daily drop-in availability.  We look forward to welcoming back our community! 

The Numerica Pavilion is located at 2901 Southridge Blvd. 

Source: City of Kennewick