Hispanic Heritage Month: Judge Norma Rodriguez | News – NBC Right Now

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated by many different people for many different reasons. One common feeling among the Hispanic community during this month is pride. Proud of where they come from and proud of where they see the community going in the future.

Many Hispanic people in the area have lived here their whole lives, one of those people is Benton Franklin County Superior Court Judge Norma Rodriguez. Judge Rodriguez tells NBC Right Now that she is so happy to see so much representation in the many young Latino professionals in the community. 

Rodriguez is the first Latina judge to serve on the Benton Franklin County Superior Court. 

“We are evolving as Latinos, I’m seeing more professionals, I’m seeing more businessowners, we are just growing and contributing back into the community,” said Judge Rodriguez. “We’re revitalizing Pasco, what a beautiful thing to see now.”

Rodriguez recalled going to the old theater in downtown Pasco as a child, saying it was a safe place where her parents would drop them off. She thinks the revitalization efforts are in order to restore that safety. 

“That’s a great thing to see as well,” said Judge Rodriguez. “To see the place where I grew up coming alive, it’s wonderful.” 

Education and representation, among other things, are the main reasons why Judge Rodriguez believes it’s so important now more than ever to have Hispanic leaders at the forefront of our community.

“Just seeing everybody growing and becoming professionals, it’s a wonderful thing because we’re showing that we can contribute back into the community,” said Rodriguez.

Source: Google News