Latino Heritage Month: Get your body and mind moving at the new Movement Athletics in Pasco

PASCO, WA – Saturday, September 18, Movement Athletics and Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand opening of the athletics’ gym in Pasco.

“We’ve been operating for 9 years but this is the grand opening of the finished gym with all it has to offer,” said Pedro Torres, founder, and owner of Movement Athletics.

The gym was supposed to have its grand opening last year, but then the pandemic happened.

“But now I feel like it was meant to be because it is happening during Hispanic Heritage Month.” said Torres, “This is the community’s gym.”

From the time Torres was a child, he loved movement. 

“My family were farm workers so movement and being active was always something we did,” said Torres, “but I for one loved dancing,” said Torres.

After going to WSU in Pullman, Torres dedicated his life to fitness coaching and exercise. 

“I have even my own family members who say, ‘what’s the big deal with exercise’ now loving working out,” said Torres.

Torres is passionate about all types of people getting moving.

“Here, you’ll learn Spanish by default because a lot of us are Latinos and workout to Spanish music, but what I love about our community is it’s not just Mexicans but also Central Americans, South Americans, Africans, Asians, Caucasians,” said Torres.

His main goal was to create a community.

“A community where our main goal was becoming healthy.” 

And that includes both mental and physical health.

“A lot of people come to me saying ‘I want to get fit’ or ‘I want to lose weight, but then realize that it’s also about what’s going on up here,” said Pedro as he pointed to his head.

In addition to fitness training, weight training classes, self-defense classes, karate, and ninja camp for children, Movement Athletics also offers mindful classes such as yoga, massages, and aromatherapy.

“Mind, body, and soul are connected. So we know how to help rehabilitate the body by also working on the mental health because it’s all connected,” said Torres.

His employee, Samadhi, does massages while also healing the body through releasing energy.

“I can sense people’s energies in their body and even can tell when they get images to their heads and I help them release their anxieties and depression,” said Samadhi.

They also offer classes for senior citizens to which Torres’s grandmother is also involved in.

“My grandma suffers from dementia and she’s working out now. At 93 she is actually getting some of her memory back,” said Torres. 

“All I want is for people to be healthy. Whether it’s here or at another gym, getting healthy makes you better overall and then you help make this world a better place,” said Torres.

Movement Athletics gym also offers diet coaching. Other programs like an art show performance, dancing, and athletic training for competitive athletes will also be coming in the future.

For more information, head to the Movement Athletics Facebook page or call (509) 592-7107.

Source: NBC Right Now