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PASCO, Wash.-

As of Friday, August, 5th, the City of Pasco is fully managing the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, until a new contractor is selected.

The animal shelter is proud to announce the completion of its leadership to a fully in-house operation.

The shelter was previously operated by the Benton Franklin Humane Society, as a third-party contractor.

City personnel are now providing the following services:

Pet adoptions

Spaying/neutering for adopted pets

Pet fostering

Volunteer training.

Animal control.

Redemption services to reunite lost pets with their owners.

“We’re grateful to the Benton Franklin Humane Society, the city staff, and of course, the volunteers we rely on for this hard work and dedication, to making this a successful transition for both the community and the animals we shelter,” said Dave Zabell, Pasco City Manager

Those interested in adoption, foster or volunteer opportunities, can reach out to the shelter directly at animalsheltertc.com 

Source: Google News