Lourdes Health Publishes 2021 Community Benefit Report

Lourdes Health recently published its community benefit report for the 2021 calendar year. This yearly report outlines specific ways the hospital is positively contributing to the Tri-Cities community and region and spotlights the various ways it is working to support the health and well-being of the community it calls home – an investment which has become increasingly essential in recent years.

“Our mission of Making Communities Healthier has always been a fundamental part of succeeding as a community leader in the Tri-Cities,” said Joanie White-Wagoner, Chief Executive Officer at Lourdes Health. “Being part of LifePoint Health, a growing diversified healthcare delivery network, allows us to continue to uphold our legacy of care and community leadership, and cultivate an environment where people to choose to come for care. We accomplished this thanks in no small part to the hard work and dedication of our remarkable team of providers, employees and volunteers, and the support of those we serve.”

Lourdes Health’s 2021 community benefit report highlights its continued efforts to meet the growing healthcare needs of its community through welcoming new providers, expanding service lines and continually investing in its facilities and healthcare technology. For example, in 2021, Lourdes Health added six employed and affiliated providers in family and internal medicines, and made more than $2 million in capital improvements, including new lab equipment, a new information system, supply chain automation and clinical equipment upgrades.

Additionally, Lourdes Health made a donation of more than $12 million in health services to those in need, demonstration its continuous commitment to ensuring everyone has access to care, regardless of their ability to pay.

Lourdes Health is also devoted to creating environments where providers want to practice and employees want to work. In 2021, the hospital distributed more than $57 million in salaries, wages and benefits to its more than 650 employees, and contributed more than $300,000 in professional development and tuition assistance so all its employees can have the opportunity to learn, grow and improve the care they provide their patients.

This year’s annual report also showcases several examples of how Lourdes Health is continually seeking ways to make a positive impact in the communities it serves, extending far beyond the physical walls of its facilities. Last year, the organization paid more than $7 million in local and state taxes, displaying its commitment to fiscal responsibility in an effort to boost the Tri-Cities region’s economic well-being. The hospital is also honored to continue its support of local activities and organizations that contributes to making the community healthier, including the American Red Cross, Benton-Franklin County Fair and Rodeo, Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton & Franklin Counties, Chaplaincy Healthcare, Columbia Basin College, the Grace Clinic, TRIDEC, and United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties.

“We are proud to call the Tri-Cities our home and feel truly privileged to contribute to its well-being,” said White-Wagoner. “We are also incredibly grateful for and inspired by the support our communities have shown us in recent years. As we consider the future of Lourdes Health, we are so excited to continue improving the way we serve our neighbors and communities.”

Lourdes Health’s complete 2021 community benefit report is available here

Source: https://www.tricityregionalchamber.com/member-news/lourdes-health-publishes-2021-community-benefit-report