OMWBE & PTAC Bid Match Service Pilot Program

OMWBE is pleased to partner with the Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to provide an electronic Bid Match Service to in-state OMWBE state certified firms. The Bid Match Service is a software subscription that searches 1500 government bid sites for solicitations based on keywords and other criteria. With the assistance of the PTAC Advisors, once the customized business profile is set up, the system will search multiple government websites to uncover new government bid opportunities.  Based on the search results, the firm will receive a daily email with bid opportunities that match the firm’s profile and link directly to the public posting. 

Why is OMWBE partnering with PTAC?
The 2019 Disparity Study recommendations included partnering with PTAC to increase government contracting opportunities to OMWBE state certified businesses. This pilot program moves the state closer to fulfilling these recommendations.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • The business must be headquartered in Washington State.
  • The business must be a OMWBE state certified firm (i.e., MBE, MWBE, WBE, CBE, or a SEDBE).
  • The business must be listed in the OMWBE online Directory of Certified Firms by the Bid Match start date.
  • Complete the PTAC Bid Match Application found here.

To learn more about PTAC’s bid match service, go to  This website includes more information and an educational video about the bid match service. 

Is Bid Match a useful tool for my business?
If your business is actively searching for government contracting opportunities, Bid Match can save you time from searching multiple websites for bid notices. Consider talking with a PTAC Advisor about your government contracting goals to see if Bid Match fits into your firm’s strategy.

How does it work?
PTAC’s Bid Match Service will provide a no-cost 12-month electronic bid matching service subscription to three hundred (300) in state, OMWBE, state certified firms. Normally, a firm would pay $165/year for the bid match service.  The 12-month subscription starts when the firm’s Bid Match profile is set up by the PTAC Advisor.

The 300 no-cost subscriptions are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

When does the pilot start?
The Bid Match Service Pilot starts Monday, July 19, 2021 and runs through December 31, 2021 or when PTAC has accepted 300 in state, state certified firms.

Where do I apply?
If you are interested in the pilot and meet the eligibility requirements, please complete the PTAC Bid Match Application found here. Once complete, a PTAC Advisor will contact you to set-up your firm’s online bid match profile.

Who to you contact if you have questions?
Questions related to the PTAC bid match service, please contact Marnie Tyson at [email protected].
Questions related to OMWBE state certification, please contact Pamela Jorden at [email protected].
Can I participate if my firm is state and federal certified with OMWBE?
Yes, as long as your firm is also OMWBE state certified (i.e., MBE, MWBE, WBE, CBE, or a SEDBE).

How long does it take to start receiving bid matches in my email?
Once you have submitted your Bid Match Application, a PTAC Advisor will contact you and go through the keyword search submitted on the application and other criteria. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed with you and fine-tuned by the knowledgeable PTAC Advisor with over 20 years of experience.  Common keyword misspellings and pluralization’s, wildcards, proximity statements, exclude statements, and many other Boolean logic operators will be added to your search profiles to produce the most accurate results possible.  As a result, please be patient after you submit your application.  It could take several days or longer to get it set up just right. 

Which government agencies does it search?
Bid Match searches federal, state, and local government websites.  There are about 1500 different websites across the United States.

Can I limit my search?
Yes. You can limit your search geographically by State to only include the states you want to search.  Additionally, you can limit it to just include state/local bids or just Federal. 

Can multiple people from my company get the daily email?
Yes.  We can add as many recipients from your company as you’d like to your subscription for no additional cost.  Each will receive the daily email.

What if I want to update my search criteria?
Contact your PTAC Advisor to make changes to your bid match search criteria.  PTAC wants your bids to be relevant to what you do!  We also encourage you to send us bids you may have found from other sources so we can further enhance your profile and/or the sites to our Bid Match searches. 

What if I need help understanding how to respond to a bid notice?
PTAC can help.  PTAC provides no-cost technical assistance on how to find, bid on, and win government contracts and subcontracts.  Set an appointment today with your local PTAC Advisor (Jody O’Connor – 509.491.3231 or [email protected]).